5 Essential Tips for Small Business Web Design in New York and the Wider World

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This is the era of the small business entrepreneur. It has been brought about by a combination of reduced barriers to entry in the online age and the slowdown in the global economy leading to reduced career opportunities in the big companies. As a result, more people than ever are deciding to go it alone. As a provider of web design in New York, we know this is as true in the Big Apple as it is across the rest of the country.

Of course, more small businesses means increased competition, whatever sector you operate in, so making a great first impression is vitally important for long-term success. In days gone by, that might have meant having a more enticing store front than your competitors, but today, for store front think homepage. For the vast majority of customers, the first point of contact they will have with your business is when they click on the website. Our web design company in New York has learned over the years what it takes to get the right sort of attention and ensure visitors stay on your site, convert into customers and keep coming back for more. Here are our five top tips.

web design in New York1) Build trust

When customers enter a shop or office, they can meet your staff and get a feel for whether your business is professional and trustworthy. That’s a massive step in encouraging them to become a customer, but how can you convey your professionalism via your site? First, it is essential to ensure everything is on brand. We work extensively on logo design in NY and having a recognizable brand is key to fostering customer loyalty.

Secondly, demonstrate your professionalism by showing off your accreditations, approvals and security credentials. While the certificates themselves can be tucked away on a subpage, make sure there is a reference to these accreditations visible on the homepage.

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2) Showing expertise via your blog

A blog is a great way to gain regular traffic, and at the same time to demonstrate that your business is an expert in its chosen field. Regular content that educates and inspires will keep visitors coming back for more – and will encourage them to recommend your site to their friends. Share your latest blog posts via social media to get people talking.

The other great thing about a blog is that it means your site is regularly adding new content. An important consideration of web design in New York and elsewhere is to factor in SEO considerations that will boost your site’s ranking on the search pages. Google loves new content, so your blog is a great way to achieve that.

3) Be available via a chat facility

Customers love to engage with a real person, and live chat is one of the most effective ways of doing so. Both customers and businesses find it more convenient than picking up the phone, and the ability to email the chat transcript is an additional bonus. If you are managing the chat yourself, be sure to have an “out of office” style reply when you are absent, providing the option for customers to leave a message, and for you to call or email them back.

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4) Pre-empt their questions with an FAQ section

FAQs can be something of a double-edged sword. Anyone who has tried to use them on sites like eBay or Amazon will know they can be more irritating than helpful, as they never seem to answer the right question. However, done right, an FAQ section is informative to customers and saves you from having to answer the same old questions via instant chat. The key to success is to update the FAQs by common questions asked.

5) Be transparent on prices

One of the first things a potential customer wants to know is how much your product or service will cost. Some businesses make the mistake of being vague on pricing or do not post prices online. All this achieves is irritation, and it will send customers elsewhere. We have found that pricing information is an absolute core component to web design in New York, so make all your prices and additional costs as clear as possible.

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