Once a website is designed and developed, it is time to focus on a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Turn to your SEO company in Long Island to get started.

SEO is the clever, organic use of relevant keywords in web content, combined with the application of technical elements at the back-end of a website. The aim is to appear higher than competitors when users search for goods and services using specific keywords. The art of SEO is to understand how to be compliant with the specific criteria set out by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask.com, to name a few.

SEO has the power to propel a business to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) – making it more likely to be the company of choice for searchers. Companies on the first page of SERPs are considered to be the most competitive, reputable and trustworthy by many people.

Your small business can benefit by these 5 basic SEO tips.

1. Perform a keyword analysis!

Aligning what you sell, and what potential customers might search for to find these goods/ services can be a tough job. Will they search for “SEO services in New York” or “Search Engine Optimization NY”? Do people search for the keywords you think they will use? It is very specific, and you need the data to make the correct keyword choices. A complete keyword analysis is crucial to your success. Most business owners do not have the knowledge or the time, but an experienced SEO strategist does. Seeking and SEO company in Long Island or wherever you do business will give you the best opportunity to claim your place on the web.

2. ‘SEO leads’ have on average a 14.6% close rate

What is your website’s call to action (CTA)? To complete a purchase, download a white paper, or call your company? ‘Close rate’ is a marketing term for the percentage of visitors who complete this CTA. An average of 14.6% of visitors acquired through SEO complete the purchase, download, phone call, etc. That’s compared with a meager 1.7% close rate for marketing efforts such as direct messages. SEO has loads of potential.

3. Page speed can make or break your ranking

A slow website is useful to nobody, and it can severely hinder your SEO efforts. The page speed or “site speed” is the average time it takes to load a page on your website. The time taken to download the first byte of a web page is another method of site speed calculation. Crucially, the longer a search engine takes to crawl a page due to poor site speed, the less time it will have to crawl the rest of your website. And it will miss all the fantastic SEO work you have implemented. Search engines have an allocated ‘budget’ of time to spend crawling each site, don’t let yours fall behind. SEO specialists can speed up your website by optimizing images, cleaning content and reducing redirects.

4. SEO professionals will better your chance of success

Comprehensive SEO implementation is a full-time and challenging job. Search engine parameters change on an almost monthly basis, and keeping up with Google algorithm updates is essential for success. In a world where one can type in a search – ‘SEO company in Long Island’ or ‘Wedding Venues Long Island’ and return millions of results, you’d better believe that making it to that golden first page requires the work of a professional SEO strategist.

Embedding keywords strategically to your website’s content and properly using backlinks is another SEO activity, which requires the expertise of a professional. Proper SEO takes a tremendous amount of time – often precious and scarce for a small business owner. To stand the best chance of success, call in the professionals.

5. Be Patient!

Patience is a virtue.  This is true in life but especially in SEO! SEO can be extremely effective, but it is not an overnight fix. Don’t venture into SEO thinking it is a ‘switch’ that can immediately catapult you to the first page of the SERPs; it is not. Everyone would be doing it if this were so! Good things are worth working and waiting for, have patience! Similarly… it is a continuous effort!

Businesses large and small who invest in SEO, and reap the rewards do one detrimental thing, they then cut the resource – only to find that their SERP position falls. Treat your SEO strategy in the same way you would your overall business strategy. You wouldn’t dissolve your sales team every time you made a sale. The same theory applies to SEO. It is an ever-changing landscape with increasingly complex criteria to meet. It requires consistency. Commit and stick with it for at least four months.


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