A Killer Homepage

If your goal is to engage your visitors and convert them to customers, then you need an effective, killer homepage.   This informative infographic displays 5 key elements that will turn a nonproductive homepage into one that is effective and engaging.

1. Keep Your Homepage Simple & Clear- Studies show you have only 5 seconds to grab their attention. Your opening statement should say exactly what you are selling or what your website is all about.

2. Make Contact Info Easily Accessible – Ideally phone numbers, addresses and social icons should be up in the header and below in the footer. In addition, you should have a killer homepage with contact information and a form for prospective clients to fill out.

3. Insert a “Call to Action” Button – One of the most effective elements is a Call to Action. Make the button big and bright and place below the Call to Action. They should be action-oriented. Here’s an example:

4.   Create Fantastic Content –  Show that you are an authority of your subject matter and make your content keyword rich. Of the millions of websites on the internet, only 12% are properly optimized. Did you know you can actually get penalized for improper keyword tagging. Don’t make these critical mistakes. A professional web developer knows how to properly tag keywords. It is well worth the investment.

5. Make Your Website Responsive – Studies indicate there are close to 1.9 billion mobile users and of that number 80% are accessing the internet from their smartphones. Doesn’t it make sense to ensure that your website performs well and is easy to access from all mobile devices. Our templates are responsive in design. This means that content on webpages resizes to fit mobile device screens and reduces right to left panning and scrolling. Responsive websites have faster loading time – you gotta love that.

Our team of web developers are committed to building websites that are properly optimized, perform well across all devices and are strategically designed to take visitors through your website and increase the likelihood of a conversion to loyal buying customers. Give us a call so we can get started on answering all your questions and concerns.

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