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If you live in the area and have hired a web design company in New York its likely you won’t have to be too concerned by the confusing terms, UX & UI.

A good website design company will design and develop, utilizing UX and UI. Afterall, why should you need to know these terms? Whether you build on your own or hire a website design company, it’s a good idea to have some awareness. Understand how a user interacts and responds to your website.
Imagine you’re on the train during your morning commute or in a local café and hear somebody claiming their website is very “UI”. A business associate explains to you their web design company in New York is focusing on “UX.” Are they speaking in tongues? What on earth are they saying?
Don’t worry – you’re not alone in your confusion and this blog should bring some clarity. However, do your business a favor – hire a professional who isn’t confused. Hire the right website design company in New York and you should be confident that your website will have good “UI” and “UX” design elements.  Here are some basics, grab a pen and let’s start learning! We’ve attached an infographic to make it simple to understand.

Why does a website design company in New York focus on UI & UX?

What do these 4 letters really mean?

In New York the competition is fierce. The goal is to create a website for your target audience that is easy to navigate.  Make icons and buttons easily visible to lead visitors through your web pages. This will increase your likelihood of maintaining a strong web presence.

Let’s break it down in layman’s terms.
UX: This means “user experience design.” Think of it as the emotional response to the design of digital media or software (your website).
Consider these examples:
• A person visits a company’s website. They have a positive experience and decide to come back later.
• A visitor is frustrated with a website, they have a negative experience. They decide to call customer service and complain. If the company doesn’t take steps to improve the user experience (UX) the visitor will not return and worse yet, vows to tell friends and family members all about the bad experience when visiting that website.

Psst- loss of customers!

UI: This stands for “user interface design.” It refers to how users interact with the software and hardware on their electronic devices.
Consider these examples:
• A Facebook user knows that clicking a “thumbs up” icon will result in a “like” for a post.
• A web designer is hard at work to ensure that the contact form on their client’s website is easily accessible. They decide to put a specific eye catching button at the top of the landing page so it is more visible.

Website Design Company in New York


Need a little more help? Let’s look at them this way:

UX: How a person feels about their experience with that something.
UI: How something looks.

Why are these design elements so important?
Why does a web design company in New York (or anywhere else for that matter) care so much about UI and UX? Because understanding how people react on the internet is very important to the success of your website design.

Here are a few reasons why you or your website design company should build and develop with UI and UX in mind:

• Good UI & UX design will ensure that your site works for your target audience. They have to be able to catch on quickly when they visit, navigate easily and find answers to their questions quickly.
• Your customers can associate you with positive emotions. Whether you want them to feel happy, nostalgic, or savvy, you’ll be able to win them over.
• You can increase web traffic and bring attention to your business for all the right reasons.
• You’ll look professional and legitimate, a crucial part of standing out from the competition.

Fun Facts:

• When visitors reach a company’s website after clicking on a referral link, 50% of them familiarize themselves by using the navigation menu.
• Smartphone Internet consumption grew by 78% between December 2013 and December 2015.
• 86% of visitors want to view information about a company’s products and/or services when they visit the company’s homepage.

Hummingbird Web Design is a web design company in New York working with small business owners in NYC, Long Island, Nation Wide as well as Internationally.

Now that you understand the significance of UX and UI, give us a call so we can help to improve your website design. Still have questions? No problem! Message us on Facebook, call or fill out a form.

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