Your website’s onpage and offpage SEO are both essential for success. They are sometimes referred to as ‘onsite and offsite SEO’. Here we explore their purpose and function, and how this SEO company in Long Island can help!

When search engines crawl your website, they look at both onpage and offpage SEO to make sure they return the most relevant results. What are they for?

Our SEO company in Long Island explains it in their simplest forms:

  • Onpage SEO is how search engines decide WHAT your website will be ranked for. Shoes in NYC, organic makeup, travel guides Japan, website design New York?
  • Offpage SEO determines WHERE you rank on SERPs. i.e., above or below your competitors?

A combination of the two is, therefore, key to the success or failure of your website’s page ranking.

Here is a quick list of what constitutes onpage and offpage SEO:

Onpage SEO – URL structure

Are your URLs descriptive? Do they contain keywords? If not, make sure they do! For example, this url /3647gjd99 makes it difficult for search engines to establish what that page is. However, this one makes the page offering much clearer. It has the keyword phrase within its url. Ensure any old links are redirected, as a poor-functioning website can be even worse than a poorly optimized one! Turn to our SEO company in long island for professional assistance in creating an SEO strategy for your business.

Title Tags

Use your keywords and key phrases in title tags across your website for great embedded onpage SEO. Every page.

Internal Linking

Link to other pages on your website for strong onpage SEO. Link to contact pages, blogs, downloads, etc. just make sure there’s plenty of them, and that they are relevant.

H1 headings

Use the H1 heading functionality properly. Search engines usually use these headings as the main component when determining what a page is about. If you can use your keywords, great. If not, make sure the H1 heading is at least descriptive of the page’s content.

Image Optimization (Alt text)

Simple yet effective: Make sure the alt text for all images on your website are descriptive, accurate, relevant and of course include those all-important keywords. Unfortunately, search engines don’t have eyes, so they use this alt text to ‘see’ pictures on your website when crawling.

Site speed

Crucial for solid SEO and for an efficient website with an engaged customer base. Search engines typically evaluate how long it takes to download one byte of your web page. This is used to rate your site’s speed and rank accordingly. Faster usually means higher.

Offpage SEO

Let’s build that authority! Your domain authority, to be exact. Domain authority is like a credit score for your website. It takes into account various factors and predicts how well it will perform in SERPs. It is a complex calculation incorporating the number of links, root domains along with other components. You can find out your website’s domain authority through many free online tools. All you need is a URL.

EFFECTIVE Backlinking

We stress the use of the word ‘effective’. Gone are the days when websites used to host thousands of poorly sourced and poorly placed backlinks. The SERPs rightly grew wise, and now only quality backlinks count towards good offpage SEO. These now account for a significant proportion of a website’s offpage SEO. Our professional SEO company in long island understands the ins and outs of backlinking. What do good quality backlinks include?

Shareable Content

Make the content on your website shareable and people will organically link back. Strong content is one of the most important things a company can do to elevate their offpage SEO.

External Contributors

Develop a pool of guest bloggers. Their input alone will direct new traffic to your website, and bloggers are likely to share their work far and wide. It is a win-win arrangement.

Social Media Shares

Painstaking? Yes. Effective? Also yes. By sharing your page content on social media you are increasing the potential reach of new visitors. More shares will ultimately mean more links to your website.


If you are thinking of your onpage, offpage or broader SEO strategy contact Hummingbird Web Design. Our SEO experts provide some of the best SEO Services New York has to offer. Get the best results from the experts!  Give us a call today – 516-883-3851

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