Content Marketing Services

A website is only as good as its content!

Companies that offer content marketing services know that it all begins with high-quality content precisely placed in a well designed layout. What is content marketing?

Content marketing differs from traditional styles of marketing by bringing the focus back on creating valuable and brand-relevant content which reaches out to a specific pre-defined audience. Content marketers should understand that it’s never about quantity but all about the quality of the content offered to the customer.

Content marketing encompasses a wide range of techniques. It includes everything from SEO text and blog posting to handling social media accounts and link-building. With so many areas to cover, an effective content marketing strategy is essential to achieve the desired aim of increasing profitable actions by the customer.

Getting to page one on Google means more than just making content available to the masses, it’s about giving them something of value that helps them achieve what they’ve come for.
The words on your web page matter.

Content Writing Services

The Basics of Content Marketing

Keyword Rich Content

Keywords play a huge role when it comes to your online visibility. Keywords are single words or whole phrases that relate to your business, so when prospective customers type them into a search engine your relevant website is shown right there on the results page.

We provide fantastic content writing services that first and foremost include a keyword analysis as it relates to terms people search for when looking for your goods and services. Once these keywords have been identified, content is then created for your website pages and blog posts which include these keywords built-in. Our professional team has years of experience in crafting content in this way, perfectly able to plan a content schedule for your blogs that will draw readers who convert into paying customers.

When the basic content is created, we can create other types of content to achieve a whole package that appeals to your customer base. The correct balance of content will enhance the desired goal.  Explainer videos, infographics and PPTs are all engaging forms of content.

content writing services
content marketing services

Channel Distribution Techniques

In this digital world, there isn’t just one specific outlet that people use to get acquainted with a brand or service. Many millions of people read blogs each day, and when they find a blog they love they keep coming back to it time and time again- it provides them with valuable content. Having a regular blog posted which is relevant to your business increases trust with customers and has great potential to be shared.

Social media accounts are also one of the best ways to engage with new customers of all generations. Facebook, Twitter and, Pinterest and Instagram are just a few of the major players that boast billions of combined users for you to tap into. We allocate you a social media manager that creates valuable information and distributes it across these popular platforms for millions of people to see in an instant.

Email marketing is making a comeback because it is so much more personal. Everything goes through email accounts, from e-commerce purchases to work emails, and mailing helpful e-blasts directly to the inbox is still a tried and trusted method.

If businesses are looking to increase their customer base, make their services more accessible and approachable- and increase their bottom line too- then no business is too small to start content marketing.

Benefits of Working with a Content Marketing Agency

    Well-known brands have a large annual budget for their chosen content marketing agency because they realize the potential in engaging their customer base this way- and have reaped the profits. However, small and medium businesses too can benefit greatly from making use of a content marketing agency to take care of all aspects of their customer engagement when it comes to the digital world.

    Some business owners are just happy to have their business website up and running as a place where clients can be referred to, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if businesses are looking to increase their customer base, make their services more accessible and approachable- and increase their bottom line too- then no business is too small to start content marketing.

    An ongoing content marketing campaign could seem like a waste of money to your business if you don’t understand it properly. It is not like traditional advertising where you pay a certain amount for an ad in a newspaper- it’s so much more than that.

    Nowadays everybody is connected to the internet, and you know yourself if you’re looking for somewhere to eat, or a good place to visit, the first thing you do is type it into the Google search engine. Your customers are the same, but finding you online is only half the battle. Once you start to make an impact on your customer base through content marketing, your ROI is noticeable, plus your service or product gains better recognition.

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    Seeing the Results

    All of the above techniques mentioned would be worthless if you couldn’t measure their effectiveness. Unlike an advertisement in the physical world where you have no idea how many people saw it, working through a digital platform allows every click, every share, and every website visitor to be recorded and analysed.

    Our team tracks the progress of your content marketing campaign through tools such as Google Analytics and delivers measurable results to you on a frequent basis. From this information we can then tweak the content marketing strategy even further, enhancing the effectiveness.

    content marketing services

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