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Learn the difference between “shared” and our private server!

If one is new to web hosting you will be confronted with many choices. Typically, there are three types of hosting namely shared hosting, dedicated hosting and virtual private server (VPS) hosting. A quick understanding of the three types of hosting would make things  clear.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a service offered by a web hosting service where a single powerful server hosts data such as emails, databases and website files of several websites belonging to different clients. Since services are shared by many clients cost of hosting is very low. To draw an analogy one can think of a mall where several kinds of retail outlets are present. Or, one can think of flying coach class on an airline.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

Dedicated cloud hosting is a service offered by a web hosting service where a cloud is dedicated to a client on hardware also dedicated to the client with key resources such as CPU, RAM and disk space assigned exclusively to the client. This service offers the client privacy and security offered by a dedicated server and the flexibility and scalability of cloud hosting. This service comes at a high price. The analogy here would be that of a private residence in an upscale locality. Or, it is equivalent to owning a private jet.

VPS Hosting

A virtual private server (VPS), as the name suggests, is the equivalent of a real computer in a virtual environment. VPS has the characteristics of a real computer with its own operating system where clients can install their own software. Though virtual, VPS is identical to a dedicated physical server in functionality, VPS is defined by software and can be created and configured easily. Since VPS of many clients are hosted on the same physical hardware, cost of VPS is a bit lower than dedicated hosting. This is akin to owning a home in a gated community where home owners can buy a unit within the gated community.  Or, this could be similar to belonging to a yacht club where you would have use of the facilities without actually owning a yacht.

Details of server – $20 per month:

  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Bandwidth – 3TB
  • HDD (storage) 120GB
  • 3 CPU Cores (Processor)
  • Ram – 6GB RAM

Switching to VPS Hosting is a Good Option

You can see that VPS hosting is a very good alternative to consider for those who are presently on a shared hosting plan. VPS hosting provides instant provisioning. It provides privacy. It provides expansion without requiring admin intervention. It is hosted on in-house maintained servers. Its SiteLock security provides absolute security to data, prevents blocks and spam. It protects emails. Switching to VPS hosting is a good choice.


Today, security is a big issue not only in the physical world but also in the Internet connected world. Since most transactions are now being conducted in cyber space cyber attacks are common occurrences. Many unsavory people are trying to hack into computer systems to steal data, block sites or simply spam. In order to minimize cyber attacks companies engaged in cyber security offer services to web hosting companies so that clients’ data is secure. SiteLock is a company which offers cloud-based protection to the web hosting service and therefore to the client being hosted.

Services offered by SiteLock include:

  • Verification of client’s credentials such as address, phone and email
  • Daily scan of website for malware to prevent spam and blocks
  • SiteLock certification to enhance credibility and trust of customers
  • Prevention of blacklisting by search engines

Typically, SiteLock scans for vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection flaws. Besides detecting threats SiteLock also fixes security risks and other problems faced by websites.