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Whether you’re a start-up requiring web design in New York, conceptual branding or are even an established company needing a re-design of a tired website, we’ll design and build with best UI UX web design practices; the goal is to engage end-users.

Content Management Systems such as WordPress allow us to deliver to you an affordable UI UX web design with proper layout of content and a design that speaks for your brand. Let’s see if we can take the mystery out of UI UX web design by understanding how it relates to web development.
Our customers are small business owners and startups with unique business ideas and often times, challenging goals. Naturally, when they come to us for a one-of-a-kind website design we’re inspired and motivated. Our small business web design services provide the essential design elements necessary to achieve a strong web presence.

We want visitors to “interact” with web pages. We carefully consider placement of call to action buttons, icons, contact forms, images, videos, social media buttons… Why? because we want end-users to take action – to opt-in and convert to customers.

Color pallet, layout of content, imagery, and font styles are designed to create a desired “feeling”. When successfully done, visitors will stay longer and return more often which could increase the likelihood of a conversion.

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What is User Interface & User Experience?

    UI and UX are all over the internet as the new buzzwords and many people feel a little worried that they do not understand the jargon but really once you know the basics you will be able to understand the principles behind them and how they work to gain you more customers.

    One of the big worries when building a website is that customers do not know what to do once they’ve landed on your page. What are you selling them? What button do you want them to press? What should they be doing? At one time or another, we all have been on a website that is poorly designed. Our senses are overloaded and we have no idea what to do next, so we leave the page.

    Positioning is everything. A shopping cart button is no use to anyone hiding in the corner of your page. It needs to be where people can see it and access it. We make sure that your site has every piece of text placed clearly, and the buttons positioned in the most beneficial locations to make buying easy for your customer.

    Our small business web design services aim to ensure that your customers stay on the web-page and “interact” with it. We will carefully consider placement of call-to-action buttons, contact forms, images, videos, social media buttons… Why? because we want end-users to take action – to opt-in and convert to customers.

    Color pallet, the layout of content, imagery, and font styles are designed to create a desired “feeling”. This feeling is about being part of a community, your website is where your demographic wants to go.
    It may seem crazy but have you thought about the hue of a color you are using? Get this wrong and people will leave, get this correct and you will have a strong connection with your niche. Microsoft believes their blue color scheme is worth over $80 million a year to their company. UX is what helps Microsoft make the valuable decisions, and it can help you and your site succeed too in a similar way.

    It may sound obvious but a lot of websites miss out on what their key demographics want to see. If you are not “in tune” with your niche, you might actually push them away. At Hummingbird Web Design, we will look at your demographics and design your site according to what your demographic expects, this will cause customers to spend longer time on your site.

    Poor UX will also affect your bounce rate. Bounce rate is the number of people who visit your site and then leave immediately within a few seconds. Your analytics report will show this in action and it could well be related to your untidy site which immediately distracts the customer, so much so that they click away. When you fix your UX professionally, you will see a lower bounce rate which in turn means there is greater potential for conversions.

    Before a design can be realized and developed, a thorough analysis of content is critical.

    Learn the basics of our content marketing services.

    Web Design in New York

    Hummingbird Web Design is based in Port Washington New York, a convenience for locals but many of our clients are elsewhere in the states. No matter your location, we’re able to provide affordable web design services for your web project.  Share ideas and work virtually throughout the project is easy. Communication is never a problem and the use of a secure file sharing platform makes storage & collaboration a snap.  Our small business web design services provide the essential design elements necessary to secure a strong web presence.

    To our local customers we’ve been offering our Website Design and Development Services in New York (NY), Long Island, Port Washington and Nassau County.

    The First Steps in Getting Started

      When we first speak, our first and foremost objective is to listen to you.  We’ll want to know as much as possible about your business and your niche. You too will have questions regarding policies and pricing and all your questions will be answered up front.

      It’s a good thing for me to know your business goals, then we can better determine what exactly you need to secure a firm web presence. We’ll talk about Search Engine Optimization and how to improve your online identity organically. It’s important your new website gets the visibility it deserves. However, we do understand not everyone is concerned about rank. We’ll discuss your priorities and determine appropriate services.

      Usually, after our initial conversation, I’ll have enough information in order to send you a proposal with details of the website build, pricing, and a timeline.  Sometimes we need to tweak the proposal before a contract is presented and when that happens, we deliver the second proposal in a timely manner.  A simple contract is drafted based on the proposal and after signing and a deposit is received the project begins.

      You’ll explain the look and feel of the website you want. If you’re not sure, don’t worry, as professional web designers we’re definitely not short on ideas. Sometimes I’ll offer mockups but most times we delve right into setting up a developmental site so you can see design elements in real time and click around.

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