Affordable Pricing

We’re crunching the numbers for small business owners.

Not everything in New York and on Long Island is expensive.

We are New Yorkers and we can safely say that we live, breathe, experience and understand the challenges of doing business in one of the most expensive metropolitan areas of the country. That small truth gave us the perfect reason to offer you a bargain.  At Hummingbird Web Design we got head strong and developed some very competitive pricing packages. Our website starting price is $1800. All websites we build contain our 10 Essential Elements of good web design and development and are priced to suit the tight marketing budgets of small business owners on Long Island and the New York areas.

Do you conduct your small business out of state?
No problem, we help small businesses across the country as well as internationally to achieve the web presence goals needed for their success. You choose the price point and we’ll design and develop a plan that’s perfect for you. When circumstances prevent us from meeting face to face communication is done via email, phone calls, text messaging and Skype. Sharing files is easy and it doesn’t take any longer to build a website if you were right here in New York. If you’re looking for affordable web design services along with a reliable team that’s committed to helping your small business, you need to give us a call.

We’re here to help all small business owners make a statement on the web. Perhaps you find these prices out of your budget.  Please give us a call so we can do our best to create an appropriate website within your marketing budget.  email or give a call 516-883-3851

  • Best Seller
  • $1800
    • 10 Essential Elements*
    • UI & UX Website Design and Development
    • Business email connected to your .com included
    • Tech Support

  • Let's Go!
  • Larger Size Websites
  • $2,500 and Up
    • Best Seller Plan +
    • Professional Portfolio Gallery Set-Up
    • 2 hour Training Session

  • Let's Go!
  • E-Commerce
  • $5,000
    • Larger Size Website Plan +
    • Full E-Commerce Store
    • E-commerce Tech Support

  • Let's Go!

Details of Our Pricing Plans:

    For $1800 we’re offering a website that has 10 Essential Elements – these elements are what we consider “best practice” of design for the homepage and geared to attract the sales.

    1. Attention Grabbing Headline
    2. Call-to-Action Button
    3. Homepage Image Slider
    4. Optimized Images
    5. Navigation in Header & Footer
    6. An Opt-in Offer
    7. Testimonials
    8. About Us Page
    9. Contact Us with Google Map
    10. Contact Form

    Ranging from $2,500-$3,500, depending on the amount of content,  we give you all that is listed in the Best Seller package plus we’ll create a portfolio to showcase your extensive work.

    • You get all that’s included in our Best Seller +
    • Portfolio
    • Images Compressed for Efficient Loading Time
    • Training and Support

    Starting at $5,000 you get it all plus we’ll set up your e-commerce store.  *Price is based on the size of your product line.

    • You get all listed in the Best Seller Package and for Larger Size Businesses Package +
    • Complete E-commerce store set up
    • Google Analytics Configuration

    Isn’t it refreshing to work with someone upfront about price? We totally get it when a client says they have a tight budget. For $1800 we’ll build you a professional website and you’ll get the 10 Essential Elements needed to attract sales and your new website will perform perfectly on mobile devices.

    Folks – this is a no-brainer.

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