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We get it. Adding content to your site on a consistent basis can be a real chore. We all know how time-consuming it can be to produce the kind of high-quality content that Google (and your regular visitors) expect. Thinking up new ideas on a weekly basis can also be incredibly challenging. This is especially true if you don’t have a New York SEO partner who you can trust to map out your content marketing strategy.

If you conduct business in a location such as New York  where the competition is fierce a professional SEO company in NYC will conduct competitor research. Along with a keyword analysis, these are highly important first steps which need to be done properly.

Don’t be tempted to put off content creation or think that it’s perhaps not worth the investment. We’re here to tell you it is! Read on for our New York SEO team’s most compelling reasons to start adding high-quality content to your website.

#1 –  A regular supply of fresh content is VITAL to Google visibility

As a New York SEO blogger, we rank new content creation for SEO purposes as the main reason to get writing. Each new blog post, white paper, and article added to your site acts as a brand new source of information for Google. Infographics too add value to your website. These examples of content give Google, and the other search engines, a whole host of data about you and helps it to determine which search phrases you should be ranking for.

The more content you create, the bigger your site.  New York SEO professionals as well as those SEOs conducting business elsewhere will agree, a site with many pages offers more chances for indexing. Not only that but new content is essential for off page SEO success too as it serves as click bait. When produced to a high standard, fresh, topical content gives other sites a reason to link back to you.

#2 –  SEO Content is Essential for Conversions

New content can help to move website visitors along to the next stage of the purchase journey. Whether they’re doing initial research or a final comparison between your product or service and a rival’s, up-to-date, accurate content can help sway that decision in your favor.

#3 – New blog posts feed your social media updates

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When you add a new blog to your site, you’re also creating a chunk of content which can feed your social media channels. Each new blog is an original social media post too. Our New York SEO team believes this isn’t just useful in terms of halving your workload. New blogs also mean you have less need to rely on curated content to fill your feed.
If you have great content to share on your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile, you’re also giving your entire network a new reason to head to your website, bringing traffic (and potentially e-commerce) benefits too.

#4 – New website content drives engagement on your blog and social media channels

When we’re tasked with building a new website, our web design NYC team will typically recommend a blog or news section be incorporated. The reason for this is that a blog provides a natural place for your visitors to engage with you. New blog content encourages those visitors to ask questions, share the link, give recommendations and even tell you about their own experiences with the subject.

Engagement can be extended to social media too. Engagement serves to bring you closer to your customers and develop stronger, more meaningful relationships with them. While it isn’t certain from an SEO perspective, this engagement is also thought to have an indirect impact on search positions.

#5 – High-quality content gives your expertise a chance to shine

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Another great reason to consistently put in the work to create fresh content is that it allows your expertise a chance to shine through. Think about it. The more you write about a particular subject, the more knowledgeable and up-to-date you appear.

Whether you’re sharing a listicle, a step-by-step guide or a reaction to a piece of breaking news, your blog houses all of your know-how. The more content you create, the more likely you are to be recognized as an authority, an industry leader.
Your expertise could lead to opportunities such as speaking gigs or consultancy.  It can also help your business stand out in a saturated market and clearly demonstrate to potential customers that you’re credible, trustworthy, and a winning choice.

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