They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to a business logo, it can, quite literally, convey more than words. Some logos have become design icons – think Nike and Coca Cola, for example – and have not changed in years. Then there are companies like Ford and McDonalds, who give their logos subtle updates from time to time, while a few, including Gap and Lays, have changed beyond recognition. Of course, companies like these spend millions, but for companies on a more modest budget, affordable logo design help is available. Moreover, getting it right could reap significant rewards.

Why revise a logo design?

Every day, we discuss concerns that our clients have relating to a whole variety of issues, from online marketing to SEO to social media. However, often, it is the idea of changing a logo that strikes the most fear in people’s hearts. If your business has been in operation for several years and has always operated under the same logo, a degree of trepidation is understandable. However, in changing times, both businesses and the environments in which they operate change. Let’s consider a couple of high-profile examples.

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Last year, in recognition of changing attitudes to ecology and sustainability, BP sought to improve its image. In this day and age, oil companies are perceived as archaic, polluting dinosaurs whose days are numbered. Little wonder, then that BP went for a wholly revised logo that focused on environmentally aware energy production, adding the new tagline “Beyond Petroleum.”

Sometimes, however, the business changes more than the market. Let’s consider Google. 20 years ago, it was a start-up launched by two university graduates. Today it is arguably the most influential company on the planet. Here, the change in logo has been more subtle, but it reflects the more serious and professional image that the company has today.

logo revisions, Hummingbird Web Design

A complete change or just a refresh?

If you look at Ford logos from across the years, you will see they subtly change. You can date them quite accurately, just from the font and typeface, showing that logos are subject to the evolving fashions as anything else. If affordable logo design is high on your priority list, simply giving your logo something of a makeover is a right way of getting maximum value. An astute designer will be bursting with suggestions in terms of tweaks, perhaps in terms of colors or typeface, that will freshen up the logo without changing your brand’s identity.

logo revisions, Hummingbird Web Design

Getting over the fear factor

It is easy to find a reason not to do something. Maybe your parents started the company 20 or 30 years ago, and the logo feels like part of the furniture. In this case, it could be that the logo has a 1980s or 90s look to it. Chances are, it would make sense to follow the example of Google or Ford and make some subtle changes to keep the business looking fresh and current.

Maybe you bought a logo online or created it through a logo maker, and now you feel “committed” to it. The problem with these logos is that they look generic. It is hard to avoid looking “cookie-cutter” because that is precisely what they are. A logo design purchased this way will never create a memorable image that will give your brand the recognition it deserves. Rebranding, both online and when it comes to business cards and the like is neither as expensive nor as disruptive as you might think. Give us a call; we’ll be happy to have an informal chat as to how we might help you go about it.

You do, of course, need to think long and hard before committing to a complete change of logo. In particular, zero in on why you want to change it. What works with your existing logo and what doesn’t? Perform some market research to understand your customer perceptions. The more you know, the more worthwhile the investment becomes. You will in no time realize what the effect are with this sort of rebranding.

Logo Design for Start-ups

If you have a start-up business, a good logo design is a critical factor in defining your image. Sure, new companies have plenty of costs to consider, but this is one area in which trying to go it alone can be a false economy. When it comes to custom logo design NY is a hotbed of talent. So when you inject some inspiration and ideas of your own into the mix, an affordable logo design of your logo can be a reality.

So what goes into an excellent logo? The best logo design company will single out the following aspects:

  • Simplicity – graphic designer Milton Glaser is the man behind the iconic I Love New York logo. He said that when someone looks at a logo, it’s essential that they “get the idea” straight away. A logo should also be simple to describe – after all, you want people to be discussing it.
  • Uniqueness – There is no way your business will stand out if its logo looks like that of another company’s. Originality is important. Also, creating a design which is too similar to another could result in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Avoid using clichéd icons like globes and be ready to do a little lateral thinking. After all, the logo doesn’t necessarily have to describe what your business does. Take a look at the Audi or Mercedes logos, for example – neither have any direct bearing on automobiles.
  • Suitability – of course, you should avoid letting your imagination run too wild. Your logo still needs to be appropriate to your industry, your customers, and your company. There are several factors to think about here. For example, is your company’s image of a conservative nature? A corporate law firm might sit at one end of the spectrum while a children’s indoor play center would be at the other.
  • Flexibility – make sure your logo design doesn’t constrain your business offering, mainly if you operate in multiple sectors or markets. Companies like Virgin have come up with a logo that is instantly recognizable and synonymous with Richard Branson’s corporate ethos. However, it can transfer to any new sector as and when the group comes up with a new service offering.

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