A New York SEO can help you reach more potential customers online. No matter how small your business is, you can implement proper SEO tactics to surpass your competition and be easily found on search engines. Think of it like this, every day, your potential customers or fans use search engines like Google for research. They are merely looking for answers or some form of data to make a decision. If your business appears on the first page of search engine result pages, you get more leads and higher conversions.

Most small businesses fail to hire the services of an SEO strategist because of two reasons. They either assume that they can do it on their own or that working with an agency is too costly. If one is running a business in a competitive area such as NY, eventually they will come to realize that hiring a New York SEO is necessary to achieve their desired growth.

Why hire an SEO consultant?

A New York SEO will help you rank on Google for relevant searches

A poorly optimized site will never rank highly on Google. Poor ranking means you lose out on potential customers since they cannot find your business in search results. An easily found site shows up in numerous search results organically. Listed at the top means that you don’t have to always rely on paid traffic or social media to get leads and conversions for your business. An SEO company that offers content marketing services New York can help you to make substantial changes to your content for higher search rankings.

SEO consultants watch what our competition is doing

List down your competitors and perform a simple search to find out how many of them have a better ranking than you for relevant search terms. If many of them outrank you, it means you’re losing out a lot to your competition. Remember, the first five search engine results get more than 67% of clicks whereas the last five results (on page 1) get less than 4% of clicks. Even if your business appears on the first page, your competition can grab all the potential customers if they outrank you. An SEO company helps to keep your business on top of the game.

Keeping up with search engine updates is the job of a professional SEO strategist

Are you at a point where you have no idea what you’re doing anymore? It happens if SEO is not your core business. You called a pro when you needed a custom logo design; quality SEO requires expertise too. Search engines update their algorithms too often, and it can be challenging to keep up. It’s easy to be left behind and not know the SEO best practices that apply to date. An SEO consultant is highly skilled and experienced in all matters concerning search engine ranking. If you feel like things are moving too fast and you can’t keep up, hire an SEO company for help.

You need help understanding why SERP rankings suddenly dropped

Have you recently noticed an unexpected drop in your search rankings? There are several reasons why Google may penalize your site. One of the main reasons is having duplicate or outdated content. If you have implemented poor SEO practices before such as stuffing keywords or using irrelevant keywords within your content, Google will punish you by lowering the site’s rankings. When you hire a New York SEO, you’ll get help to restore your website rankings.

Your website was hacked recently

If your site has experienced downtime due to hacking or other causes, take immediate steps to protect your sensitive data by resetting your passwords. Start with changing the passwords of your email accounts followed by other financial statements you may have. Hacking can also affect your search rankings. You may notice that your website no longer ranks highly on Google after the hacking. This is usually because hackers can make changes within code and content resulting in the site being flagged for distributing malware. An SEO consultant will come in and help you restore your search rankings.

You need more leads and sales in 2019

If you’re genuinely looking to increase the number of leads and conversions your small business gets online partner with a reliable New York SEO. A good search engine optimization agency can mean the difference between mediocre results and long-term success online. And don’t under estimate your existing customers. Get comfortable with asking your clients to give a Google review.

If you operate a business in the NY area and looking to propel your small business’ online presence hire a New York SEO such as Hummingbird Web Design. Contact us today 516-883-3851.

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