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Web Design Company NY

The world of web design is constantly evolving. Every year gives birth to a new trend – and what was in last year is already on its way out. Which trends should you follow? Which ones do you ignore? We know that it can be confusing. And as a small business looking for web design in New York, you may think that the latest web design trends don’t apply to you. Or perhaps you think they’re simply out of your budget. However, at Hummingbird Web Design, we believe in providing affordable web design in NY (we also extend our services to many small businesses throughout the country and internationally).

Our goal is simple. We aim to help boost your marketing efforts and increase your online presence. As a web design company in New York, we’re right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the design world. But here’s what sets us apart from the rest: we offer affordable web design by focusing on the latest trends and adapting them to the specific needs of small business owners. And in this post, we’re going to delve into some of the latest web design trends for the new year. We’ll also show you how they can help you grow your online presence. Let’s read on!

Affordable Web Design New York

Streamline Content

The users of today are accustomed to having the world at their fingertips. And with the increasing importance of mobile web design, this is a term you can take quite literally. One of the most important trends to follow this year is to streamline your content. The days of scrolling endlessly through a website are long gone. Your content should be upfront and succinct – the less menu options, the better. In fact, consider getting rid of the hamburger menu altogether! By doing this, you’ll simplify the user experience and enhance their enjoyment of your site.

Clean Design

When designing websites, we keep the following in mind: avoid confusion at all costs. For example, implementing effects like parallax scrolling – where backgrounds and foregrounds scroll at different speeds – might impress the user, but could risk annoying them with the lengthy load times and complex motion. Besides, all those graphics will make for very poor SEO results. Instead, let’s consider implementing a minimalist look to the site. This will do two things: boost the performance of the website – always a plus – and eliminate clutter.

Affordable Web Design New York

Big and Bold and Beguiling

In addition to keeping things minimal, use this trend to make your vision stand out. Create a simple yet all-encompassing statement across the front of your website. The trick is to make it concise. A brief declaration can cut right through the information overload of our fast paced society and be remarkably powerful!

Stock Options

While these might be of value in your retirement portfolio, in the world of web design, there’s nothing more played out than the stock photo. The generic nature of stock images make for an uninspiring and unimaginative website – something that you don’t want associated with your business!

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Color Outside the Lines

Color is an integral part of our everyday experience. And one of the trends we look forward to is the use of bright colors. They can help to add a splash of zest to the everyday web experience. However, don’t go overboard – it’s important to implement them according to the visual identity of your business.

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Un – Typical Typography

Can you see what we did there? Typography rules are a thing of the past. Using hyphenated words and unusual fonts can make a definite impression. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch your grammar – there’s enough poor writing out there – but if done with clear intent, breaking the rules can help your website stand out.

On the Map

While the world wide web doesn’t have a physical address, your business does. And it helps to give users a sense of where you are. But avoid linking to the same boring Google map as everybody else. Instead, customize your map in a way that complements the look of your website. Just take a look at ours!

The Trend We Stand By

At Hummingbird Web Design, we believe that website design should not be about simply providing information. It should be about creating an experience. Whether it’s custom logo design or content creation, we aim to use the trends of the market to convey your business’ message in the most efficient, immediate and affordable manner.

Stay tuned for more articles!

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