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Today a website is a necessary tool and crucial to the success of most businesses. Whether you are a Web Design Agency in New York, a bakery in rural England, a dog sitter in Paris or a financial adviser in China, this applies to you. E-commerce websites can have the sole function of being a digital shopfront, whereas others form an essential information repository for customers. One thing is certain; whichever industry you are in, and wherever you are based, the chances are your competitors are already online. You, therefore, have got to get your brand ahead of the game to capture those all-important visitors and compete with business rivals.

Here we cover some of the basic fundamental principles that should be part and parcel of every website. Incorporate these elements into your site to stand out as the best Local SEO Company in NYC, or the most established lawyer in LA.

Tell your story

Every organization has a narrative. The one man bands and the multinational conglomerates each have their own individual story to tell. It is this individuality that provides part of a brand’s identity, and it is so often mistakenly overlooked.

Where did it all begin?

Why did you set up your business?

What’s your favorite case study or success story that has stood as a marker to your success?

Avoid being generic or cliché, and make sure the tone used is aligned with that of your sector’s: tailored to your target audience’s interests, all the while ensuring to be ‘you.’

It’s a big ask, but it pays off. Millennials, in particular, are known to select their favorite stores, banks and service providers based on a company’s ethics and history – not jargon and the ‘hard sell.’

Take the time to think about how you want to be perceived and test with friends, family and your target audience – A story or detail that you find irrelevant could well be the hook that brings the hoards! Most people want to know whom they’re doing business with. Your story, your company history may be the reason why a potential customer chooses you over a competitor.

Stand out

There are few things more off putting to potential customers than a static or dull website. Be sure to update it regularly with interesting and pertinent stories or updates. Add new industry information, new techniques, new offers, inspirational quotes, cool images or videos.

Neglect your website, and it will fail to be the powerful tool you need it to be – it will also slip further into the ‘black hole’ region of Google results pages (who really looks past page two?)

Stimulating functionality, a useful app, interesting design and lots of multimedia content – anything from podcasts to interactive white papers, videos or games all work well to help your website stand out from the rest and to help tell your story. Including original content also adds a rich layer of personality and history to your all-important brand identity.

Hire a professional

If you are a little lost and unsure where to begin then you are not alone. Many businesses fail to ‘see the wood for the trees’ when it comes to their websites and branding, as they are so used to the same lines and every day running. Many companies simply do not have the time to put the necessary work into a website.

A fresh, professional set of eyes can make a huge difference and provide a new perspective to breathe new life into your company website. A simple search for a Web Design Agency in New York brings up hundreds of results, but you need to be confident you are finding somebody who specializes in your type or size company.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution – because let’s face it, that would be pretty dull! A professional web design agency is a sound investment, and one which very often pays for itself in no time at all once your new and improved website is up and running.

There are a lot of out of the box options for websites, but they often are restrictive in their functionality and stand out for the wrong reasons – they all look broadly the same. For a website as fantastic and as individual as your business, leave it in the safe hands of experts. You wouldn’t cut your own hair or invest in stocks without professional advice, so it is important to treat your website with the same level of gravitas.

For more information on content marketing, web design or SEO – please get in touch with us to identify and build a website that is a perfect fit for your company, customers, and budget.


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