Is your website pretty on the outside but lacking valuable content?  Then it might be the time you reassess your strategy. A content marketing agency in New York could be just what you need to give your traffic that all-important boost. Here’s what a professional agency could do for you:

1 – Provide clarity and a renewed focus on content

Many business owners are simply too close to their products and services to know how to change for the better. A fresh set of eyes and a new perspective will do wonders for your content. Whether your business offers web design in New York or bicycles in Beijing, a content marketing agency can help you to focus on your target market with content that they will want to read. A professional company will add value to your website in that people will visit more. Regular updates equal regular return visitors. And speaking of content, experts can also….

2 – Bring the latest content ideas to life

Remember when people first started putting videos on their website and before you knew it paint manufacturers were filming their products drying simply because using video was “so in right now”? Well, things haven’t improved so much. This example is a slight exaggeration, but the lesson remains: Whenever a creative new way of communicating comes into play, it doesn’t take long for people to try and apply it to their business in an awkward ‘square peg round hole’ fashion.

Marketing and web strategies are not ‘one size fits all’ because every business is unique. A content marketing agency will help you to apply strategy to your communications – and make sure that you are using the most current, appropriate means of doing so. The improper use of images, infographics, video, blogs, etc. are likely to occur if you don’t seek help from a professional. If you reside in NY, choosing a company offering web design in New York is the best way to avoid common content pitfalls and make sure your website is on point with your brand and voice positioned and projected properly. A specialist can also….

3 – Optimize your website

Small businesses in New York should also be mindful of services such as website optimization. The competition is feirce so finding an SEO company in New York is a significant step to take to keep your business on the www map. At the forefront of developments, SEO strategists are up-to-the-minute when it comes to the latest, ever-changing Google algorithms that will help your website climb to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Being an SEO strategist is a full-time job for good reason and one which many businesses simply don’t have time for in-house. For the average business owner to learn the methodology, buzzwords and acronyms would take considerable time – by which point it will all have moved on and changed again! It’s a fluid beast that takes the dedication and skill of an expert. From updating your Meta descriptions and title tags to more in-depth structural optimization, once suitably augmented you will find your website getting more visitors than ever before! But how will you track them? Well, you’re in luck! Specialists can also…

4 – Apply Google analytics to your website

Google Analytics is a free tool that businesses find invaluable. Once properly configured, it can tell you how many people have visited your page, the duration of the visit, patterns, visitor behavior and their locations plus plenty more handy measurables. Although Google Analytics is a free tool, a completion, and certification of the Google Analytics course will ensure that the job is executed correctly. When used effectively, this analytics will ultimately provide you with the key to what content works on your website and what doesn’t. Smart content writing will ensue, replacing the previous method of ‘blind’ writing. Useful content will mean more engaged visitors, better ROI from better resource planning and an overall healthier business. Another item from Google includes…

5 – Google my Business

It is super easy to set up Google my Business – and it’s becoming increasingly useful and relevant to companies around the world. It helps your business to stand out by appearing in search results as a ‘card’ as well as in Google Maps when people search for your business or keywords that your website is optimized for. Ask us today how it can help your business.

We hope you found this 5 tactics useful. Hiring a professional content marketing agency can make a huge difference to the success of your business. Let’s get started on applying these tactics to your website and ultimately improving your business’ web presence.

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