thought-leader1The ironic thing about the title of this blog is, well, the “if.” When you think about it, in many ways, Google does rule the world! As parents, when our kids ask questions, we hop on Google as fast as we can without our children noticing to find the correct answers. As patients, we Google local doctors to find out who has the best reviews before we call to make an appointment. And as consumers, you bet we jump on Google to find the closest local restaurant with the best food, the most popular hair salon, or the hottest sneakers on the market. So how important is finding yourself on the front page of Google to your business?

One of the most important strategies of your company’s digital marketing plan is search engine optimization. What better way to build your business then to have one of the most frequently used search engine in the world showing consumers that you are within the top ten results of what they are looking for. From a business perspective, this bring your company more traffic which leads to more visibility and exposure and ultimately means more revenue. Utilizing search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, as a business makes marketing easy. Not only does it allow you to be found in more places and reach customers who might have never discovered your products, SEO will help your business stand above the competition.

If that isn’t enough proof of the importance of SEO, finding your business at the top of the Google search results actually makes consumers feel that your company is more legitimate and trustworthy. In fact, after a couple of pages, most customers don’t even click on any more results. And as a whole, customers feel that without a great deal of Google credibility, businesses actually could be shady, bogus, or fraudulent. With so many people relying and trusting Google to bring them what they are looking for, seeing your company on the front page will make customers feel that if you are good enough to be amongst the top search results, you are good enough to deserve their business.

So how do I get better rankings on Google? Here are some tips to appealing to the top dog!
− Make your pages for users, not for search engines.
− Use text links to make pages within your site reachable.
− Provide viewers with useful, information rich pages that are clear and accurate and allow them to know exactly what they are investing in.
− Focus on providing URLs that use descriptive and user friendly keywords to appeal to their target audience.

Worried about where to start with this wealth of new knowledge? No worries! Web designers and developers are specially trained in SEO and getting your business to the top! Invest in a good web development team and your business can be guaranteed to remain up to date which is one of the most important ways to remain on top once you get there, since Google updates their site frequently. Let SEO bring your business a solid online presence which makes you a strong competition to other businesses in your field and you will be on your way to growth and success. And if you are still unsure, Google it!

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