How LinkedIn can grow your leads – 4 tips from an SEO company in New York

Any SEO company in New York will tell you that your social media presence is one of the most business-critical aspects of your overall digital marketing strategy. The statistics speak for themselves. Approximately a third of the world’s population uses one type of social media or another, and LinkedIn has well over half a billion users.

Facebook and Twitter might be even bigger, and they certainly have their role to play in reaching out to customers. However, from a B2B perspective, your LinkedIn presence is of paramount importance. Here, we examine how LinkedIn can help you grow your leads pipeline, while at the same time giving a welcome boost to your SEO.

1. Use website demographics to view who’s visited your website.

Two or three years ago, there was a popular “LinkedIn hack” doing the rounds, whereby you could add a simple line of code to your website to automatically provide a list of all website visitors in the “who’s viewed your profile” section on LinkedIn. Last year, LinkedIn made this facility official, with its Website Demographics feature.

The beauty of this is that it is providing you with a ready-made set of warm leads. These are people who have already made an effort to seek out your website, and as such, they are the perfect subjects for targeted outreach, either from your email or your LinkedIn account.

2. Search smart to find prospects.

It is easy to get caught up in the social media world of likes, follows and the rest. These are great, but as far as LinkedIn is concerned, they are only of limited value, as they do not equate to business leads. To find those, our expert SEO company in New York recommends you adopt a more 20th-century marketing mindset on this 21st-century platform.

Use the LinkedIn search facility to identify people in not only the companies and sectors that matter, but also the most appropriate roles. For example, you might search for CEOs, CIOs and the like. When you’ve identified the targets, use a traditional outreach approach to introduce yourself and your business. Avoid hard-sell tactics on this forum, merely reaching out and asking for a five-minute chat is invariably more effective.

3. Get involved in LinkedIn Groups.

There is no better way to increase sales leads than to gain recognition as an authority in your field. LinkedIn Groups provide the perfect platform to engage with industry professionals in your target sectors.

You can take a fairly broad-brush approach in the groups you target, but be selective when it comes to choosing the posts and discussion threads that you get involved in. Look for the ones that are attracting the most attention, and avoid getting sidetracked by those that might be of interest to you, but are otherwise gaining minimal traction.

Ensure your contributions are relevant and helpful, and most important of all, resist the temptation towards self-promotion. If you are providing valuable insights, the leads will follow naturally. Every SEO company in New York will tell you that this is also a fantastic way of boosting website traffic and improving your site’s SERP rankings.

4. Make your LinkedIn page a useful resource.

The above steps will help you develop new leads. The trick then is to keep them warm and ensure they stay interested. The increase in businesses offering content marketing services in New York tells you all you need to know about the importance of providing exceptional content. But there is also the question of how you share it.

Take a little time to make sure your LinkedIn page is on brand, with your custom logo design in place, then use it to promote all those exciting news articles and blog posts that you publish on your site.

Do it right, and you will start to see a snowball effect as existing leads return and more and more new ones start to actively seek you out.


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