Adam Lenter president and owner of Nonprofit Data Solutions located in Port Washington, NY contacted Hummingbird Web Design for the re-design of the company website. Working with Mr. Lenter was very inspirational for us.  Adam built the company from the ground up, designed and created the powerful yet easy to use data system for nonprofit organizations.  His passion for his work is unmatched. I love working with people like Adam because they are committed and totally driven by love of work.

Adam and his wife designed the logo themselves so we used this design and color pallet throughout the website. We chose a fullwith WordPress template that works really well for displaying the sometimes “not so easy to understand” content.  Adam’s concern was organizing all the specifics of the powerful data systems.  It was critically important to highlight the details of the data systems in a easy to understand format while at the same time explaining how nonprofits can benefit from the versatile and easy to customize systems.

Visit the website to learn more about this entrepreneur’s awesome company.

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