Have You Outgrown Your Website? Hire a Web Design Agency in New York

A New York entrepreneur seeking web design services  recently contacted me. The project entailed a redesign of their current site, which became cluttered with content. I’d describe it as – they literally outgrew their website; as businesses expand, so should its website. Many of our clients contact us needing not just a redesign but, more importantly, a reorganization, a bigger space – I describe it as it’s time to do a little renovation and cleaning up. 

When a business expands products and offers new services the idea is “let’s get this up on the website ASAP”. If you happen to be a small company without a marketing department, or a trained employee who specifically handles the website, then all this new content gets uploaded to the site improperly. The results are disastrous. Without considering design, organization, and proper navigation, these new revisions are added. Content becomes cluttered and worse yet placed somewhere never to be found.

These types of actions could go on for several years causing poor search ranking, high bounce rate, and a visual eyesore: seriously wrong for your ROI.

When it gets to this point, there is only one thing to do, seek a professional company who offers quality web design services. At Hummingbird Web Design, our approach would typically be to “repackage” the content in a new template focusing on a company’s core services, brand, and niche.

Let’s examine how a business can benefit this type of reorganization.

Reorganizing your website and your brand is an amazing and worthwhile thing to do. It opens up new opportunities, and I’ve witnessed first-hand the invigorating lease of energy it gives business owners to change direction and evolve.

You need to think of your core values, your services, and how you plan on presenting them via your website and in your branding. You will need to consider whether your key markets are targeted effectively. In my experience, the best web design services tend to offer bespoke services for individual clients – not adapting a ‘one size fits all’ template (this happens a lot with some companies). But why is a content refresh and reorganization so important?

It shows you care!

Uplifting and developing your brand demonstrates that your company is dynamic and adaptable to the changing times. Customers – both existing and potential – are more likely to instill trust in a brand if they feel that it is forward-thinking and cares enough about its future to update and move with the times. It gives an air of longevity.

It will reduce overall marketing costs.

It’s a familiar cycle: people invest substantially in marketing activity, in the beginning, achieve a fantastic ROI, then the website gets ‘matted’ with content and marketing efforts become harder. Marketing is as ineffective, and the budget becomes tighter and tighter.

When websites are overloaded, and directly added to rather than strategically edited, marketing becomes harder – and therefore more time-consuming and expensive.

Investment in web design will pay dividends in the long-term. Future marketing activities become much clearer and less daunting, often meaning lower capital outlays. I’ve seen real results many times in this aspect of a redesign.

web design agency in new yorkIt will attract new customers

Good news spreads fast. And in today’s instantaneous, 24-hour world, it’s never been easier – or harder to make an impacting first impression and lasting impression.

Plainly put, the tools are all there for you, but they are also there for everyone, so it’s about how you use them to stand out and to attract new customers. A clean, fresh and optimized website with an enticing brand behind it is always a solid foundation for success. Early adopters to a site are likely to remain loyal, and new customers will only remain loyal if a site is functional, easy to navigate, and visually pleasing.

It’s a tall order, which is why there are companies who specialize in such work. My team and I have achieved this many times. If you’re looking for Search Engine Optimization services in New York or a web design agency in New York, then give us a call.

It will help grow your business faster

When a website is cluttered, difficult to navigate, visually displeasing and full of out-of-stock items or out-of-date information, visitors see little reason to stick around – or return. A reorganized site will allow your customers to navigate easily and find what they need, fast. With more and more people using their smartphones to do the majority of their browsing and buying, it’s never been more crucial to get this right. All our designs are developed to perform well on mobile devices.

If customers have a good experience on your website, for example, they can find what they need quickly, check out or download with ease and enjoy using the site, they are highly likely to return. Hello, new repeat custom! Again, news will spread, and your site will find itself with plenty of new and returning customers.

The ROI for investing in your brand is huge. The best honest advice I can offer is to really think about where your business is heading, and where you want it to head – are they aligned? Reflect on how you will achieve your business goals, what your niche market is and how you will capture more of your target market. It is a difficult task, so the expertise and assistance of professional web design services are a worthwhile investment if you are time-poor (which many business owners tend to be!)

Hopefully, you have learned a little more about why it is important to keep rolling with the times when it comes to your online presence. Give us a call so we can get started!

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