Anton Port Washington News, Sept. 18, 2014

Written by Jon Scheiner

A good website can be vital to the success of a company, especially in this digital age, and longtime Port Washington resident Nancy Verdi is helping businesses make the most of their web presence.

That’s because the way a business represents itself online can be as important as the way it deals with people face-to-face. Oftentimes, potential customers see a business’ website before they make a phone call or visit a storefront. And some people would never buy from a business with a suspiciously lifeless or unprofessional homepage.

Verdi has been helping businesses in and around Long Island by offering web design services at a very affordable price.

Aside from raising her two children, Verdi created Hummingbird Web Design, LLC. She has focused on developing a team that specializes in the creation of informative and dynamic websites for small businesses.

In addition to web design, the company offers SEO (search engine optimization) services, copy writing, photography, video editing and logo design.

Verdi created the name “Hummingbird” because the hummingbird is her favorite bird. “They’re radiant, smart and do astonishing things – like small businesses in local communities,” she said. “Hummingbirds are very smart; they can remember every flower they have been to and how long it will take a flower to refill. And a hummingbird’s brain is 4.2 percent of its body weight, the largest portion in the bird kingdom.”

Her clients are like the hummingbird: “smart and savvy and a huge value to their communities,” Verdi says.

So the tagline, “Helping Small Businesses Fly”, seems to echo that sentiment.

Verdi said the main values her business offers are quality and affordability.

“Small businesses are continually popping up in Port Washington,” Verdi said. “I want to reach those businesses. Our mission is to offer high quality web design services to small business owners and start-ups that are in need of an effective and strong web presence – at the right price.

To Verdi, “It’s a little like Christmas every time we launch a new website. We get to see all that hard work come to life and it’s very gratifying when clients tell me how happy and satisfied they are. What I also really like is getting to know small business owners, their, goals and the obstacles they encounter.”

Web design is not just working with code; it is a form of art, a result of numerous revisions and innovations. “The cool thing about web design is that it’s technology-based, and we all know how fast technology is changing,” Verdi said. “Right now, a hot topic is Responsive Design: when a web page adjusts to the size of a screen.” A website with this feature “adjusts to” or “resizes to” the screens of different types of devices such as smartphones or tablets.

According to Verdi, current data show that 20 percent of US-based web traffic comes from mobile browsing, and that number is likely to increase. And according to a crawl of the top 5,000 websites by Modern IE, only about 14 percent of sites have some form of responsive design.

“So while not all web developers are jumping on the bandwagon, it’s important to take a close look at the type of business you own and consider how Responsive Design can improve the user’s experience on your website,” Verdi says. “At Hummingbird, 90 percent of the websites we build are responsive.”

Looking to the future, Verdi says in five years she would love to see “Hummingbird Web Design” on billboards.

“Imagine this scenario,” Verdi says, “the train pulls into the Port Washington station. Commuters routinely gaze out the small window knowing that this is their stop. As they collect their bags, out of the window, a little pink bird catches their attention. Doors slide open and the masses move out onto the platform. They pass the billboard that reads “Hummingbird Web Design – Helping Small Business Fly. ”Outside of Hummingbird, Verdi has other interests she loves to pursue; she loves to cook for people with big appetites and who have an appreciation for fine food,” she says. “I guess that’s the Italian in me. I labor over simple and delicious things like homemade pastas and yummy sauces.”

Verdi is also “very detail-oriented, so I leave no stone uncovered. By the way, I run my business this way too!”

Another love is spoiling her three dogs, all of whom were rescues from the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter her in Port Washington. “My little pals ensure that I’m never bored,” Verdi says.

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