As many people know, SEO is a ‘living’ concept, and many small business owners look for an SEO company for assistance. Its parameters are forever changing, so specialists are required to properly embed it within your website. However, there are some measures you can take to help your SEO. Here are ten SEO strategies to follow in 2018.

1. Voice search
Voice search has been around a while, but with the mass-market introduction of wireless speakers with voice control (such as Amazon’s Alexa), it has become more important to incorporate personal assistance optimization. For example, if somebody shouted out “SEO Company Long Island” we’d like to think Hummingbird appeared in the results!

2. Content marketing
Use Google’s Keyword Planner to use the best SEO terms for your business, make a content publication plan – and stick to it! A steady stream of cleverly optimized content will help to raise and keep you at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

3. Mobile optimization
Mobile devices continue to dominate how we consume the internet. A professional SEO company will make sure your site is responsive to mobile and tablet devices for better user experiences and stronger SEO.

4. UX optimization
User experience or ‘UX’, is becoming an increasingly crucial part of Google’s SEO algorithm. Factors such as usability, speed, and ease of navigation can all make or break a website’s prominence. Regularly updating your website in line with visitor’s behavioral patterns and requirements will help your SEO massively.

5. Long tail keywords
Long tail keywords (or phrases) contain up to three words and work best when they are more specific. For example, a search for ‘SEO’ will return results from blogs to news articles and beyond. However, a search for ‘SEO Company Port Washington’ is more likely to return a list of SEO companies in Port Washington – which is likely what the searcher would be hoping for with such keywords! Top-ranking websites from this search will have cleverly used long tail keywords including ‘SEO Company Port Washington’. Think about the long tail keywords that could help your business and start using them today!

6. Local SEO
Make use of Google’s advancements. Local searches are becoming more popular: trawling the local phonebook for a business has made way for people searching for Website design Port Washington’ or ‘Bakeries near me’. How can you make sure your company doesn’t fall off the map? Sign up to ‘Google my Business’ so that your business can appear in Google Maps when users search for businesses like yours in your locality. Relevant businesses will appear in the results, and your entry will contain business details such as opening hours, website URL, reviews and/or questions by customers as well as images of your business.

7. Artificial intelligence (AI)
Less science fiction, more every day than ever. Artificial intelligence (AI) doesn’t just mean a robot that you can get to do chores! In fact, you probably already use AI without realizing: Every time you ask Siri ‘Where is the nearest web design agency’ or tell Alexa to ‘put biscuits on my shopping list’ you are using AI. You can help your company to be the answer to more people’s questions by becoming more ‘AI friendly’. Properly format your location settings, use clean and clear content and have an easily-to-navigate sitemap.

8. Merge pages with little content
Lots of pages with little content will make your website harder to crawl, and therefore make it less attractive to search engines – and visitors! Delete or merge smaller pages to ensure your website ranks as highly as it deserves to.

9. Remove duplicate content
Duplicate content will eventually slow your website down, and will undoubtedly make searching a slower and laborious process. Users will fail to return and search engines will fail to recognize your website, meaning you fall into the black hole of the latter pages of the SERPs!

10. Low quality = high risk
Google will penalize your website for containing low-quality backlinks or content, and your website will fall down the SERPs. Limit your risk of slipping down the SERPs by sticking to a high standard of clean, quality content and website practices.

We hope you find this list useful. If you have any questions regarding SEO, anything you have read above, or your website in general, then please contact us – we are an expert SEO company who will work hard for you.

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