SEO services New York: Why you need an SSL certificate

You’ve used the best SEO services New York can offer, incorporated SEO, but is it secure enough for search engines?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate confirms that your website is secure. An SSL certificate is made up of lots of tiny data files that work together to ‘lock down’ and provide the most secure connection possible on a website.

Search engines now promote security savvy companies. Since 2014, Google has rewarded SSL-encrypted websites with a mini boost in its rankings. Slowly but surely, more search engines have followed suit, championing security and stamping out hacker activity. It is therefore conducive to your security, risk profile and SEO strategy to have an SSL certificate in place on your website.

Find your ‘S’

A simple way of telling if a website has an SSL certificate is to look at the URL in the address box. If the URL begins with “HTTPS” and not “HTTP” then the website is secure. The ‘S’ actually stands for ‘secure’ so it is quite simple to remember!

A padlock symbol may also appear on the browsing window. Google is taking it one step further and highlighting non-secure sites with an alarming red banner in the URL box to indicate that the website is not secure (HTTP, not HTTPS).

Remember when everyone started adding hamburger menus to their apps and they eventually became the norm? (Before they arguably got annoying!) SSL certificates are the new level of website security normality.

Eagle eyed online shoppers are already starting to notice when a website is secure and Google is making it increasingly easier to spot. Or more notably, spot when it isn’t secure. Soon this will inevitably affect wider browsing behavior and websites without SSL certification could lose customers.

In a nutshell: Keep your website and your customers safe from potential hackers and get a boost from Google? Sign up to SSL!

SSL: Shared or solo?

There are plenty of shared SSL certificates out there, but if you have an e-commerce website it is recommended you have your own. There is also different types of SSL. Are you looking to cover one domain or a number of domains? This will indicate whether to go for a single of multi-domain SSL certificate. Levels of encryption can also vary, or how many ‘parts’ the data is scrambled into to make it secure. Some packages offer malware cover, customer support and warranties. Every company that wants to improve their website’s ranking needs to have an SSL. If you’re not sure which way to go, Hummingbird Web Design can help you make the right decision for your company. We include SSL certification in our hosting packages and find the perfect fit for your website and its needs. Depending on the requirement SSL certification can cost anywhere from $149 to around $1,000 per year so be sure to understand the differences and what your site requirements are.

SEO services New York

SSL certification is particularly important for e-commerce websites because it encrypts sensitive data. This includes payment and card transactions, login details and wider data transfers. In fact, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance now requires SSL certification. Businesses who trade online will find it difficult – and foolish – to avoid getting an SSL certificate.

If you would like to explore SSL certification look for a specialist in web design, Long Island is a hub of such experts.

SEO Services Long Island

Web design and SEO work in tandem. Hummingbird Web Design provides the SEO services Long Island businesses can really benefit from. We also provide SEO services New York wide and beyond! Give us a call today to get started on a new website design. 518-883-3851

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