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If you operate a business in Port Washington NY and are looking for a boost in online traffic, you should look for an SEO company Port Washington businesses trust. Choosing a reputable company with a good track record is the smartest approach to take in this ever-growing industry.

Let’s first learn some basics about AdWords and how they can help your online presence. After a better understanding of this affordable form of online advertising, perhaps you will be more confident to contact a professional SEO company to get started.

Google’s AdWords

AdWords is targeted advertising from Google. A businesses’ entry will appear as an ad on the results pages of Google when searches are made using the specified ‘AdWords’. Companies set a budget for every time the advertisement gets clicked on. This is put into a hierarchal system where more investment equals more chance of appearing for your specified term.

Simply put, if one business paid $2 every time someone clicked on its advertisement and the second business paid $200 per click, the second business would appear ten times more than the first. It is for this reason that AdWords falls under the category of pay per click (or PPC) advertising. You can see how competitive this type of advertising can be.

However, the reality is that there will be many companies touting for the same keywords. You can check the competitiveness of your keywords using webmaster tools but it is recommended that you hire a professional SEO company to perform this analysis. Keywords are the foundation of a successful AdWords campaign. Competitive keywords or phrases tend to demand a higher price tag (or cost per click) to be effective. Geographical terms can garner a more targeted audience and can be less competitive. For example SEO Company would be an incredibly competitive keyword phrase. But if your key phrase were SEO Company Port Washington there would be significantly less competition, so your budget would go further when people search for SEO Company Port Washington.

To get more bang for your buck be sure to integrate AdWords as part of a broader website or online marketing strategy. It should include the foundation of excellent website design along with sturdy original content that can be optimized for SEO purposes. The approach should be topped off with an AdWords campaign to point traffic to your website.

Robust web design, optimized content and an AdWords campaign should form the basis of your web strategy.

Website design Long Island

Business owners on Long Island can benefit from Hummingbird’s website design services. When your goal is to drive traffic to your website and increase sales AdWords is the next logical step after you’ve invested in excellent website design and development. Google has strict requirements and parameters regarding ad campaigns. It would be foolish to think an ad pointing to an out-dated website will be useful. Take the time first to ensure your website design is up to speed. Your AdWords campaign should send visitors straight to where you want them to land. However, if your website is not easy to navigate or is visually unappealing, your AdWords effort will be for nothing. Contact an SEO company Port Washington businesses trust.


The beauty of AdWords is that you don’t need millions of dollars in your advertising budget. For help on how to begin your AdWords journey, contact Hummingbird Web Design today. We are an SEO company Port Washington area businesses enjoy working with.   Our website design Port Washington services are affordable for small to mid-size businesses.

Please call 516-883-3851 to get started.

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